Wildlife Tours

Riding into an Indian jungle memories and exotic tales of India’s wild denizens crowding your mind as your eyes roam restlessly over that impenetrable enigmatic forest cover the forest floor that winking waterhole for that first animal bird reptile unforgettable sighting in their natural habitat. That’s the peerless magic that unsurpassable thrill of a journey into the heart of India’s wilderness spaces. Maybe it’s the edgy novelty of being in a landscape where the rules of time and space are made by the denizens of the jungle. Where yes no matter how big your ego how much wealth you have’ animals absolutely have right of way’ and when they are on the move you just stay put. Oh! But the rewards They are aplenty even first timers can get bitten by the bug of a lifetime’s love for the forest and the pace of its world the rules that are fitting for the survival of all both man and beast who walk these paths So step lightly, keep within your own space and enjoy a world that is yours just for now. For you, for them, are merely a passerby as they go about their lives thy way they have done since the day God put them on this earth as he did man. With over 500 wildlife sanctuaries and 100 national parks, creating a safe and worthy natural habitat for India’s teeming wild animals, birds, reptiles, butterflies and insects and great botanical wealth, to explore. Make your plans with care taking away only memories.

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