Beaches and Fun

India’s 7,000 odd km long coastline is home to some of the most attractive beaches which have over the decades become a huge draw for travelers from all over the world. Apart from the beautiful tracts of pristine beaches and sun warmed waters. What’s also exciting is the wide range of fun activities on offer for all age groups—be it sailing in the face of salty winds or scuba diving amongst old ship wrecks, snorkeling in crystal clear waters or exploring the ocean depths for some of the richest marine experiences in India. If you enjoy lots of company then sunny Goa has a host of popular sun-drenched beaches with ready access to popular night bazaars and historic fortresses. Wellness spas are scattered in close proximity to Kerala’s beaches which offer quick access to its legendary backwaters. You can go surfing, jet skiing and even paragliding if the mood takes you, and you can even join in in the fun at a kite-flying festival at the beach in Mangalore. But, if you just want to laze around with a book and your sunblock there are lovely little coves where you can curl up under the casuarinas and dream your time away. There are serene stretches of beaches in Odisha and Maharashtra, where you can spot the Olive Ridley turtles come nesting each year and Tamil Nadu’s beachfront offers an insight into ancient history and crafting skills in the stunning shore temples of deep antiquity, while the glorious beaches of Andaman Islands will spoil you for choice for island hopping adventures. The fabulous resorts that have sprung up around these beaches too are a delight adding to the joyful experience of a beach holiday in the great outdoors where the sun, sand and sea meet

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