Short Tours

We unfold a delightful range of holiday experiences that can be had quickly, smartly and most satisfyingly. Speed is of the essence to get to these places , because its ‘ a sneaky holiday’ some treasured ‘me time’ (and maybe with loved ones) which you are making a special, effort to put together from your busy schedules. Often holidays like these can turn out to be real gems. Rewarding experiences are very high priority on these quick breaks so we’ve culled some of the best destinations and filled your time there with some thrilling activities. Heritage experiences await the visitor along the length and breadth of India and come in every form, be it in music or dance, food or even beautiful buildings and yes even those which are now atmospheric ruins. Sustained by some of the world’s most ancient religions and tribal traditions, India’s regional roots go really deep and are richly defined by an intricate web of social and spiritual customs and rituals, delicate arts and crafts, astonishingly diverse architecture and mouth-watering cuisine, and a mind-boggling variety of festivals and rich music and entertainment.

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