Pilgrimage and Spiritual

The many colours of India’s faiths have long been absorbed in the cultural psyche of this ancient country and continue to be an abiding common denominator of this diverse and great nation. India has given birth to some of the most influential religions in the world. They are deeply rooted in a heritage of philosophy, religious mythology, yoga and meditation. Transcending geographic boundaries, regional diversities and the broad spectrum of societies India’s spirituality has touched every aspect of her cultural splendour down the centuries. Conquerors have come and gone, yet the buoyancy of the confluence of her many faiths has withstood the challenges encountered down the centuries. Within this framework lie a range of centuries-old religious traditions, which have but one common ground, to live in harmonious amity. India is the birthplace of two of the world’s most powerful religions - Hinduism and Buddhism, but it has also nurtured the Sikh faith and Jainism along with many tribal spiritual traditions, influenced over time by the country’s leading religious movements. A melting pot of many peoples, who have made it their home over time, the dazzling spectrum of India’s religious beliefs have also been defined by inter-cultural influences. The religious, cultural and social traditions of Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoarastrinism too have been absorbed and preserved in all their beauty in the wrap and weft of India’s spiritual tapestry an astonishing feat of cultural harmony, which dazzles visitors to this day.

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