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The crowning glory of the Indian sub-continent, the Himalaya has long passed into legend and folklore as the spiritual inspiration for the Indian people. A stream of poets and artists, adventure buffs and botanical aficionados have filled our world with the dreams of the grandeur and mythical splendour of the earth’s youngest and most exciting mountain range, sweeping along India’s northern borders. For centuries our sages have followed the ancient routes— written about in our ancient treatises— for their quest for the gods and goddesses, who, it is legend, reside in the snowy expanses of these mighty pinnacles. The Himalaya— a mighty 4.3million sq km mass of snow and ice, arcing from Afghanistan in the west to Myanmar in the east— has been ‘our rock of ages’… protecting us from raiders from our northern borderlands. It stops the icy winds from the steppes of Central Asia from reaching us—in turn letting the great monsoon winds from the southern oceans, give us of their bountiful rain instead of by-passing us….and what’s getting increasingly important for us in this day and age …it is ‘the third polar region on earth’ whose precious snowfields and mighty glaciers are the ‘water towers of Asia’…capturing that most precious of heavenly gifts —fresh water. While scientists put into the perspective the worries of climate change, the Himalaya beckons still with its assemblage of allurements of adventure, spiritual solace and cultural delights, accrued over millennia.

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