Cultural and Heritage

The narratives of India’s vast great treasury of heritage and history are amply documented in its monuments, its arts and crafts, its culinary traditions and its performing arts. A large chunk of this space has been filled by spiritual pursuits driven by findings in our ancient scriptures, the vast body of priestly ranks and the patronage of royalty, from very ancient times. From Agra to Khajuraho from Ajanta - Ellora to Hampi and Mysore you will uncover untold treasures of discovery and delight to marvel over long after you return home. Long nurtured traditions offer visitors some of the most thrilling experiences of India’s cultural diversity. From ancient riverside cities to ruined enclaves rescued from jungles and anonymity, you will share the many moods of India’s most colourful facets. Buddhist murals in ancient caves silver and gold discovered in ancient markets textiles woven from generation to generation masked dances and meditating priests by sacred waterways demons and saints poets and sculptors kingly greed and pauper’s banquets India truly makes for an evocative journey which takes you back over more than 5000 years of custom and ritual, joyful camaraderie and yogic stoicism. Come share this great journey with us.

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